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Contact us on 0800 123 4567 or

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We envision that entrepreneurship and technology will disrupt archaic methods of doing business and enhance access to unreachable market segments through innovation.

Aviva Info-Tech has embarked on a collaborative partnership with seedstars Nigeria. Together we aim to support, empower, invest and develop skilful entrepreneurs for Nigeria’s Information Technology (ICT) ecosystem.

About seedstars Group

seedstars is a global technology company that operates in over 55 Emerging Markets in search for the best entrepreneurs and business ideas. In each city, the seedstars World Competition is organized to connect local entrepreneurs with investors, corporates, and media. The winning start-up will then compete for a final prize of up to $1.5mn at the annual finale event held in Switzerland.


seedstars Annual Event

Aviva Info-tech x seedstars

Lagos Start Up week is an event that builds momentum and opportunity around entrepreneurship, led by entrepreneurs. seedstars promotes, connects and invests in the best start-ups in emerging markets.

seedstars Nigeria Mission

Lagos Start Up Week Kicks-off

Collectively, we bring together technologies, talents, and growth techniques to launch and grow business ideas either independently for seedstars Nigeria or in co-development with large corporations.